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In Albany, the summers may be brief, but they bring with them warm and dry conditions. There's nothing more frustrating than dealing with a malfunctioning AC unit during these times. That's precisely why, at the first sign of trouble, you'll want to turn to professionals for help.

Our team at Pace Heating & Air consists of NATE-Certified AC technicians who are not only highly skilled but also have extensive experience in the field. We’ve encountered a wide range of air conditioning issues and are equipped to handle even the most complex problems with your system. With our experts on the job, you can experience seamless service and comfortable indoor temperatures in no time.

If you need AC repairs in Albany, OR, get in touch with our team by filling out our online form, or calling us at (541) 214-2450.

How Do You Know When Your AC Needs Repair?

There are several critical issues to be aware of that suggest that you need a professional to inspect your AC unit.

Signs your AC needs repair include:

  • Clogged drains: The moisture removed from the air by your unit is expelled through drains leading to a pan. Clogged drains can result in water backing up into the unit, potentially causing damage to your AC system.
  • Dirty filters: Dust, dirt, and dander accumulate in your filters, trapping air pollutants. Overly dirty filters restrict airflow, forcing your AC to operate less efficiently.
  • Thermostat issues: Incorrectly calibrated thermostats may send wrong instructions to your AC, a problem more prevalent in older units but fixable.
  • Inconsistent temperatures: Experiencing hot or warm spots in specific areas could indicate problems with your AC. Allow our team to investigate and remedy these issues.
  • Rising energy bills: An unexpected increase in electric bills may indicate that your air conditioner needs repair. Although energy costs typically rise during warmer months, significant spikes suggest your AC is overexerting due to underlying problems.
  • Unusual noises: While it's normal for air conditioners to produce some noise, unusual sounds like scraping or banging could suggest a loose component or a foreign object within the system.
  • Fuse problems: Issues with a fuse or circuit breaker can impact your AC, leading to potential overheating.
  • Fan issues: Fans in your AC can experience problems if they lack lubrication, become dirty, or suffer from faulty motors or worn belts, all of which contribute to airflow complications.

It’s crucial not to delay reaching out to our team of Albany AC repair experts for assistance. Ignoring these issues can lead to not just uncomfortable living conditions in the short term, but also more expensive repairs or even the need for a complete replacement down the line. Ultimately, timely intervention can save both discomfort and dollars.

How Often Should AC Be Serviced?

It's crucial to schedule annual maintenance for your air conditioning unit, particularly as the summer months approach. By scheduling for one of our skilled AC maintenance technicians to conduct a thorough inspection, we can preemptively identify and address potential issues. Our team can offer a comprehensive repair strategy, to get your AC in the right shape to keep you cool all summer.

Other benefits of regular AC maintenance include:

  • Extended system lifespan
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Save money on repair costs
  • Enhance indoor air quality

When the warm days of summer approach, remember to keep us in mind. Should you encounter any problems with your air conditioning system, no matter how small or complex, don't hesitate to reach out. Our team of AC repair technicians in Albany is ready to assist you, preserving your comfort and satisfaction throughout the hotter months.

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If you find that your air conditioning unit isn't operating as efficiently as it once did, or if you're spotting some unusual signals that something might be off, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at Pace Heating & Air for comprehensive repair services.

Customers choose us for the following reasons:

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We can thoroughly inspect your unit, inform you about the solutions, and get started on repairs. At Pace Heating & Air, we’re committed to providing you with transparent, effective options tailored to your AC needs.

Give our team a call today to schedule an appointment with our AC repair technicians in Albany, OR. Dial (541) 214-2450 or send us an online message.

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  • We trust them completely with all our HVAC and ductless heat pump needs.

    “Everyone at Pace is very efficient, communicative, pleasant and gracious.”

    - Mavis Tuten
  • The other reviews are spot on: these guys are terrific.

    “The other reviews are spot on: these guys are terrific. The office staff is great, the techs are great, the prices are great.”

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  • Their maintenance program is excellent.

    Their maintenance program is excellent.

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    “Pace Heating and Air is the only heat/air company I use. They are so kind, fair, fast and knowledgeable. They fixed our air conditioner last summer and our heater this winter. Thank you, Pace! You are the best!”

    - Julie Warren-Sullivan
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    I just want to say how every person in this company have went beyond the call of duty to help us with our heating and air conditioning needs, from the office to the team that came out with a Professional attitude and Treated us with nothing but respect ”

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